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Biomolecule Analysis Core Facility

Director: Almeida, Igor, D.Sc.


The Biomolecule Analysis Core Facility (BACF) specializes in the separation and characterization of biomolecules. The facility possesses state-of-the-art equipment for proteomic analysis and the characterization of molecular binding interactions. These resources promote new insight into the mechanism of infectious agents, cancer, and other diseases that affect the population of the Paseo del Norte region. BACF services are available to external collaborators for a small fee.





  • Beckman DU 640- Spectrophotometer ( Microplate spectrophotometer )

    Spectrophotometer available for use by registered users

  • Beckman Optima Max- Benchtop Ultracentrifuge ( Ultracentrifuge )

    Benchtop ultracentrifuge available for use by registered users.

  • Biacore T100 ( Surface plasmon resonance instrument )

    "The Biacore T100 uses Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology to detect sensitive and reliable characterization of molecular binding interactions in real-time. The SPR technology monitors the changes of mass bound to the surface of the chip, providing sensitive characterization of biomolecular interactions in terms of specificity, kinetics and affinity.

    The Biacore T100 is run exclusively by a dedicated operator."

  • Labconco Acid-Resistant Centrivap Concentrator ( Vacuum centrifuge concentrator )

    Centrivap available for use by registered users.

  • Labconco Freeze Dry System/Freezone 4.5-Liophilizer ( Lyophilizer )

    Lyophilizer available for use by registered users.

  • Molecular Devices Versa Max Tunable Microplate Reader-Spectrophotometer 96 well plate reader ( Microplate spectrophotometer )

    Tunable Microplate Reader-Spectrophotometer - 96 well plate format.

  • Organomation Associates N-EVAP 111-Nitrogen Drier ( Nitrogen evaporator )

    Available for use by registered users.

  • Perkin Elmer Cobra II Auto-Gamma- Gamma Counter ( Gamma counter )

    Gamma counter available for use by registered users.

  • Perkin Elmer Tri-Carb 2900TR-Liquid Scintillation Analyzer ( Scintillation counter )

    Liquid scintillation counter available for use by registered users.

  • Sonics Vibra Cell VCX 750-Sonicator ( Sonicator )

    Sonicator available for use by registered users

  • Thermo Finnigan Polaris Q GC/MSn Benchtop Ion Trap Mass Spetrometer ( Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry platform )

    "A Thermo Polaris Q ion-trap mass spectrometer equipped with a Trace GC Ultra gas chromatograph with a split/splitless injector for mass spectrometric identification of the GC components and quantitative composition analyses."

  • Thermo LTQXL/ETD mass spectrometer ( Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry platform )

    "A Thermo LTQXL/ETD MS ESI-linear ion trap-MS with electron-transfer dissociation (ETD) capability coupled to a nanoLC-1D Plus from Eksigent for analyses of minute amounts (picomoles to femtomoles) of sample.

    The instrument is equipped at the front end with a TriVersa NanoMate electrospray ionization nano-source."

  • Thermo Scientfic Fluoroskan Ascent-Fluorometer ( Fluorometer )

    Fluorometer available to registered users.

  • Thermo Scientific Luminoskan Ascent-Luminometer ( Plate luminometer )

    Luminometer available to registered users.

  • Thermo Scientific Multifuge 3SR+ -Low Speed Benchtop Centrifuge ( Centrifuge )

    Low speed centrifuge available for use by registered users.

  • Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC6+ Centrifuge ( Refrigerated centrifuge )

    "- The Sorvall® RC-6 Plus superspeed centrifuge is a compact, user-friendly design that speeds up to 22,000 rpm (55,200 xg). The RC-6 Plus is a high-productivity solution that delivers maximum throughput and minimum maintenance.

    - The RC-6 centrifuge is operated on a code basis, which is provided after orientation."

    "Available with the following rotors:

    - F13S-14x50cy: can spin 14 x 50 ml conical tubes up to 26,727 x g, reducing processing time and eliminating the need for sample transfers. Max.Speed RPM 13000 Max. g-force 28960

    - F14S-6x250y: The Fiberlite F14S-6x250y carbon fiber rotor can be paired with Nalgene 250 ml Oak Ridge bottles for quickly and safely processing a wide range of laboratory protocols, from basic separations to cutting edge research. Max. Speed14000 Max. g-force 30100

    - F21S-8x50y: The Fiberlite F21-8x50y carbon fiber rotor can be paired with 50 mL Nalgene Oak Ridge Polypropylene or Oak Ridge Polycarbonate bottles with sealing cap. Max. Speed RPM 21000 Max. g-force 52356"

  • Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX Ultra Series Centrifuge ( Ultracentrifuge )

    "- Thermo Scientific* Sorvall WX Ultra Series floor standing laboratory centrifuge combines speed and powerful separation in a quiet compact, energy-efficient design. Available in 80,000 rpm model.
    - The RC-6 centrifuge is operated on a code basis, which is provided after orientation.

    - Available with the following rotors:

    - T-865: Capacity 8 x 36 Max. Speed RPM 65,000 Max g-force 429,460

    - AH-650: Capacity 6 x 5 Max. Speed RPM 50,000 Max g-force 296,010

    - TH-641: Capacity 6 x 13.2 Max. Speed RPM 41,000 Max g-force 287,660"

  • VWR Model 150 D-Bath Sonicator ( Sonicator )

    Bath sonicator available for use by registered users.

  • Waters 2695-HPLC ( High performance liquid chromatography instrument )

    HPLC available for use by registered users.



  • Access to Shared Equipment ( Access service )

    "New users must undergo a workshop/training session given by the coordinator before using any shared (open access) equipment. Training session(s) should be scheduled with the coordinator."

  • Mass spectrometry analysis ( Material analysis service )

    "For molecular mass determination, one needs approx. 1-10 picomoles of a purified peptide or protein. If the sample contains non-volatile salt, Sep-Pak C18 purification needs to be performed prior to MS analysis.
    For peptide and protein sequencing and identification from SDS-PAGE gel bands, any band visible by Coomassie staining is acceptable (roughly corresponding to a minimum peptide or protein concentration in the range of 1-0.1 pmol/µl). You may also combine up to 3 duplicate gel bands in one single microtube to send us for analysis. This way you will increase your chances to get one or more peptide sequences and you're your protein identified."

  • Trypsin Digestion ( Material analysis service )


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