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Mass spectrometry analysis

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    "For molecular mass determination, one needs approx. 1-10 picomoles of a purified peptide or protein. If the sample contains non-volatile salt, Sep-Pak C18 purification needs to be performed prior to MS analysis. For peptide and protein sequencing and identification from SDS-PAGE gel bands, any band visible by Coomassie staining is acceptable (roughly corresponding to a minimum peptide or protein concentration in the range of 1-0.1 pmol/µl). You may also combine up to 3 duplicate gel bands in one single microtube to send us for analysis. This way you will increase your chances to get one or more peptide sequences and you're your protein identified."
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    Almeida, Igor, D.Sc.
  4. Related Resource
    Thermo LTQXL/ETD mass spectrometer
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    Thermo Finnigan Polaris Q GC/MSn Benchtop Ion Trap Mass Spetrometer
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    Biomolecule Analysis Core Facility
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    Mass spectrometry
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